Water Heaters Repair or Replace in Dallas, TX

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Installing a new water heater is one of the best ways to upgrade your plumbing system. Whether you want to add capacity to your current system, improve performance, or save energy, Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric can install a new water heater to get the job done. Of course, we can also help with repair and maintenance projects on older heaters that are no longer living up to their potential. Reach out today with a phone call or through our site for more information. 

What’s Going Wrong?

It’s pretty easy to tell when something is wrong with your water heater. Obviously, if you can’t get any hot water at all in your home, something has happened that needs inspecting. Or, if you can get some hot water but the performance of the heater is not what it should be, that’s also a cause for concern. You’ll want an experienced professional to look at this technical piece of equipment, so call Walker right away to get started. 

Assessing the Situation

There are two basic options when your water heater is not working properly – fix the existing unit or replace it with a new unit. If a repair is possible, we will work with you to decide if that is the best option, or if it’s time to install a new unit and enjoy the benefits of that upgrade right away. 

We should replace older water heaters experiencing problems with newer technology since the older units are likely to keep running into more and more problems. If you already have a relatively new water heater, however, a repair might be the right approach.  

Done Right the First Time

The last thing you want is to continue to deal with hot water issues in your home. That’s why working with Walker is the right choice. We’ll make sure the work – whether it is a repair or a new installation – is right the first time, so your hot water supply is more reliable than ever. 

At Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric, we are proud to help Dallas-area homeowners with water heater service, repair, and installation. Of course, we offer far more than work on water heaters, as we can handle any of your residential plumbing needs and projects in the areas of HVAC and electricity. To book an appointment or to learn more about what we offer, get in touch right away. Thank you for considering Walker!

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