Slab Leak Locate and Repair, Dallas, TX

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In many cases, it’s easy enough to locate a leaky pipe in your home, and the repair is often pretty simple, as well. That’s not quite the case with a slab leak, however. In this case, the pipe in question is buried in the concrete slab that supports your house, and both finding the leak and fixing it become much more challenging. Because of the difficulty of this project, you need to make sure to work with an experienced contractor who knows how to handle a slab leak locate and repair – so call Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric right away to get started. 

Watching for Other Signs

Since you can’t see the pipe itself, you’ll need to pay attention to other warning signs. One good place to look first is your water bill. If it seems like you are paying more for your water each month and you aren’t using more water than normal, there could be a leak you can’t see. Other possible warning signs are areas of mold growth in your basement, which would indicate more moisture being present in the area than there should be, or walls that feel damp to the touch. These kinds of issues aren’t going to get better on their own, so call for help right away to get to the root of the problem. 

A Professional Approach

As mentioned above, this can be a tricky project to handle, so it’s important to work with an experienced, professional team. One of the advantages of working with Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric to deal with a slab leak is that we will make it our focus to minimize the damage we have to do to solve the problem. Some of the slab will need to be pulled up in order to access the pipe and make the needed repairs, but we will work to make sure that area is as small as possible. When we are finished, the leak will be gone and your slab will be repaired properly. 

No Time to Waste

This is not the type of plumbing project you can put off until a more convenient time arrives. Not only will you waste water and pay a higher bill while the leak continues, but it could also do serious damage to your home. Contact Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric right away to learn more about this issue and schedule an appointment for us to come out and solve the problem. Thank you for visiting!

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