Shower Valve Repair, Dallas, TX

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There are few small pleasures in life quite as satisfying as taking a hot shower. Whether it’s the first thing in the morning to get ready for the day, or late in the evening before you settle into bed, a hot shower always feels good. With that in mind, it’s quite frustrating when you reach for the handle in your shower and don’t get the results you expect. Trouble with your shower could point to a valve issue, so book with Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric right away to address a shower valve repair and get the water flowing properly once again. 

How Will You Know?

Without any knowledge of residential plumbing, you likely don’t know how a shower valve operates or what can go wrong with this device. That’s okay – you don’t need to understand the mechanics of the valve as long as you pay attention to the signs that something is wrong. 

If you notice water leaking from around your shower faucet handle, the valve may be broken. Also, lackluster water pressure coming from the showerhead is a sign of trouble, as is inconsistent water temperature that jumps up and down throughout your time in the shower. If any of these three signs pop up in your shower, the best course of action is to bring in Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric right away to address the issue. The problem isn’t going to get better on its own, and it will likely just continue to get worse until the shower is no longer functional. 

Causes of Shower Valve Problems

There isn’t always an obvious cause for a faulty shower valve. In some cases, it will be nothing more than the wearing down of the mechanism over the years – opening and closing multiple times each day can wear out the parts that make up the valve. Or, it could be buildup from minerals in the water supply that have gradually caused the valve to no longer move as it should. Regardless of the cause, have the valve repaired or replaced promptly to avoid further trouble. 

It’s Often a Quick Fix

In most cases, the expert team at Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric will be able to visit your Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area home and fix the shower valve problem promptly. There is no need to continue fiddling with an inconsistent shower when professional repair work is just a phone call away. Reach out today and our team will be proud to serve you. 

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