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A hose bib is an outdoor faucet where you can attach a hose to water your lawn, wash your car, and much more. While hose bibs are generally a low-maintenance component of your home, they can sometimes run into trouble and develop leaks – or just stop working entirely. Whether you need your hose bib replacement or repair, the team at Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric is the right choice for the job. 

A Few Possible Issues

While it is meant for outdoor conditions, hose bibs will sometimes become damaged when the conditions get just a little too severe. For example, freezing temperatures can cause the water inside the bib to freeze and expand, which could crack the hosing. You probably won’t notice anything at first when this occurs, but later when the weather cools back down, you will see that the hose bib is leaking even when the water is turned off. 

There is also the potential for rust in your hose bib. Over time, the metal that makes up the handle of the bib can corrode, and when that happens, it’s possible the handle will just break off completely – or it will be too stuck to turn. Either way, repair or replacement will be the only option to get up and running once again. 

Stopping the Leak

Sometimes, the first step to deal with a problematic hose bib is just to find a way to get the water to stop. Fortunately, you can probably do this on your own before bringing in a professional team to handle the necessary repair or replacement. If the hose bib is leaking badly, which could happen if the handle breaks while the water is on, find your main water shutoff valve and stop the supply at that point. This will bring the leak to a halt and give you some time to call a contractor to come out and fix the situation. 

Let’s Solve the Problem

A leaky hose bib is not just annoying – it always wastes water one drop at a time. Having the bib repaired is often a simple job for our pros, and even if we do need to replace the whole unit, that’s a straightforward task that won’t take long to complete. Contact Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric today to learn more about this and any of our other plumbing services. Thank you for visiting! 

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