Faucet Repair in Dallas, TX

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A leaky faucet is a problem that pops up from time to time in the average home. Whether you are washing your hands, getting a drink, or doing some dishes, that faulty faucet will be a major hassle. Fortunately, there is a quick solution to this issue – Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to respond to your Metroplex home. 

Pay Close Attention

Anything in your home that deals with water deserves careful attention, and that certainly includes the faucets. Water can do serious damage in your house when it escapes from the pipes, sinks, and drains that are supposed to contain it. Watch for the following signs of a leaking faucet and call Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric for help if you spot any of these –

  • Water on the counter. Okay, so this one is obvious – if you see water sneaking out from under the faucet and pooling up on your counter, you’ll need to have that fixed right away. 
  • Dripping noise. Do you hear what sounds like dripping after you have turned off the faucet? There may be water leaking below the sink and dripping into your vanity. 
  • Sticky handle. Most faucet handles are easy to open and close, but that might change if there is a leak that contributes to the development of rust. If it’s rusty inside the handle, even if you can’t see any water on the outside, there might be a leak taking place. 

Fair Prices for DFW Homeowners

You shouldn’t have to pay sky-high prices to have a faucet fixed or installed in your home. We have built a lasting reputation in the area thanks, not only to our reliable performance on the job but also due to our fair pricing. We will be upfront with the cost of our services and will explain everything that needs to be done to get the faucet working properly once again. 

While a leaky or broken faucet is annoying, it’s also an easy fix for an experienced team like Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric. We have served homeowners in the Dallas area for decades and our reputation speaks for itself at this point. To have a faucet repaired or for any other plumbing projects on your agenda, Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric is the right choice.

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