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An electrical panel is the key interface that allows power to come into your home or business safely. Without a panel, you simply wouldn’t be able to leverage electricity to do so many things for you each day. If you need a new electrical panel installed, or if you need work on a current panel, we would be happy to help. At Walker Air and Commercial Services, we bring more than 50 years of experience to every project, and we never back down from a challenge.

Watch for This Warning Sign

Without an education on how electrical systems work, you might feel overwhelmed when you look at the panel in your home. That’s understandable, but you can easily spot one warning sign that your panel may need to be replaced – breakers that are constantly tripping. If the breakers keep tripping for no obvious reason, you might need to have your panel either replaced or repaired. Rather than trying to fix anything on your own, which could be dangerous, turn to Walker Air to get help with this troublesome problem.

Is It Time for a New Panel?

Having a new electrical panel installed is a significant investment, but it might be time to make that move. In addition to any problems that the panel is having, like those discussed above, you might want to think about an upgrade if your current version is more than 20 years old. While it’s certainly possible for a panel to work just fine beyond that time frame, there are more and more problems that could start to pop up.

By the time you pay for the various repairs associated with those problems, you may be better off just getting a new panel installed. Along with being more reliable, a new panel will have safety features not developed decades ago. If you aren’t sure about upgrading or sticking with your old panel, ask our expert team to help you decide.

Only the Best Will Do

When hiring a contractor for something as important as an electrical panel project, only work with those who have proven their worth in the Metroplex. Walker Air certainly fits that description, so get in touch right away to learn more about our services and availability. It would be an honor to serve you!

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