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For most electrical work, making an appointment and waiting for that appointment to arrive will work just fine. However, in some cases, there is an emergency, and the electrical work needs to happen right away. At Walker Air and Commercial Services, we are happy to respond to these kinds of emergencies and we’ll help get your system back in working order as soon as possible. If you are currently in need of electrical help, call now and talk to a member of our team.

Spotting an Emergency

It can be difficult to discern what is an electrical emergency and what is a project that can wait for normal business hours. While every situation is different, and you are always welcome to give us a call to discuss your needs, the following circumstances are likely to warrant an emergency call –

  • Sparking. This one is pretty easy to put into the category of emergency. If you are seeing sparking somewhere in your electrical system, get help right away to avoid allowing the situation to escalate.
  • Unusual smells. Are you smelling something in your home that seems to be burning or warming? Don’t take those smells for granted. It’s possible they could be coming from your electrical system, and a fire is a potential outcome in this circumstance. Get help to diagnose this problem as soon as possible.
  • Lack of power. When the power goes out in your home, you usually assume that it is out for everyone else in the neighborhood. But what if it is only your house? When your power stops working, you’ll lose the ability to heat or cool your home, and your food will quickly spoil. Call in our team to figure out why the power was cut and what to do to get it back again.

An Honest Partner

Unfortunately, some emergency situations lead to unnecessarily high charges for the homeowner to deal with in the aftermath. We don’t believe in taking advantage of our customers in any circumstances, and especially when they are going through a tough time. We will charge a fair rate for our emergency work, and we’ll be upfront about our rates and the work that we will need to perform.

We Are Here to Help

It’s through serving our community with fair, reliable work that we have been able to grow a thriving business that’s lasted more than five decades. Simply put, when you work with Walker, you can expect to be treated right. Whether you are facing an electrical emergency or you simply need to schedule a basic repair or installation project, you are always welcome to contact us. Thank you for visiting!

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