As an installer of air purifiers in Dallas, TX, Walker AC should be your first call when thinking about this type of addition to your home. Investing in your health through the use of an air purifier is a worthwhile project to explore, and our team will help you understand how it works. Get in touch today to learn more.

Modern HVAC systems are capable of incredible feats. Simply heating or cooling an entire home is an impressive accomplishment, and we all enjoy a more comfortable existence as a result. These days, you aren’t limited to temperature control with your HVAC equipment, as technology has introduced many other capabilities. One of those is air purification, which can ensure you’ll breathe clean, fresh air all year long.


This is a common question when the topic of air purifiers comes up. Is it worth adding this piece of equipment to your home? We believe it is, of course, and the following points back up that belief –

  • Bring down allergies. The results on this point will vary from person to person, but cleaning the air in your home can mean good things for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. With less matter floating around in the air, you should find that you are able to breathe more comfortably inside your home.
  • Make your house smell better. It’s easy to stop noticing the smell of your own home, but others are sure to smell it as soon as they walk in. With an air purifier working hard anytime your HVAC system is running, those odors will be cut down or eliminated completely. This can be a particularly useful benefit for those who have pets.
  • Cut down on airborne disease. There are some diseases that can float on the air and be spread from person to person. This is why people living in the same home often share the same illnesses during cold and flu season. An air purifier may not eliminate that transmission, but it does have the potential to cut down on it in a meaningful way.

For some people, it will be the possibility of cutting back on allergy symptoms that is the main selling point of an air purifier. For others, the idea of not spreading diseases around the house as easily will be appealing. Whatever it is for you, think about how an air purifier could improve your life and contact us if you would like to learn more.


This is one of those projects where you might not have known what you were missing until you added the air purifier to your Dallas area home. The air in your house might have seemed fine – at least, it was what you were used to. With the purifier in place, however, the air will smell great and you’ll be breathing easy. Get in touch with Walker AC at your convenience to ask any questions you have or to schedule this project. We are excited to work with you!


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