If your home uses air ducts to distribute warm or cool air to the various rooms, it’s smart to check on the condition of those ducts from time to time. If gaps or cracks appear in the ductwork, your system won’t be working efficiently, and the air quality may degrade. By working with Walker AC for air duct sealing in Dallas, TX, you can avoid these negative outcomes and keep your HVAC system working nicely for years to come.


Since your air ducts are out of sight, it’s easy enough to assume that they are in great condition and working properly. Don’t make that assumption. They might be in good shape, but it’s also possible that they are leaking a significant amount of air each time your system turns on. And, if they are leaking, the performance of your system is going to be less than ideal. That means paying more for utilities and getting reduced performance.

Even if you live in a relatively new house, it’s still important to have your ducts inspected and sealed. Cutting down the amount of air that escapes while the system runs is crucial to the lifespan of the system, in addition to its effectiveness. Given the relatively modest cost of air duct sealing, and how long lasting this service is, every homeowner should at least give this idea careful consideration.


You may be able to notice some signs in your home that air duct sealing would help you get better performance from your HVAC equipment. As a starting point, pay attention to how your home feels from room to room. Does the temperature change dramatically, or is it consistent? If there is a dramatic change in temperature from one room to the next, leaky ducts may be to blame. Sealing them up will allow the air to travel throughout the house more efficiently, and it should lead to more even cooling or heating.

Also, pay attention if you hear a whistling sound coming from your HVAC system when it kicks on. That sound could be air leaking out of your ducts in one part of the house or another. It’s important to note that this is a different sound than your air simply coming out of the vents in each room, to pay close attention and try to determine if the sound you are hearing is new and the result of duct leaks. Of course, you can always bring in Walker AC to perform a thorough inspection of the system if you have concerns.


You should consider air duct sealing as one part of your overall HVAC maintenance plan. By keeping your system in good condition with routine preventive maintenance and inspections, you can get the maximum lifespan – and value – out of your equipment. Walker AC is the right team for this kind of work in the Metroplex, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information. Thank you for visiting Walker AC!


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