Fight the Cold & Stay Warm with Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric

Texas may be known for sweltering summers, but we’re no stranger to some frigid winters as well. With temperatures frequently dipping down below freezing, you need a reliable heater to stay comfortable throughout the year. At Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric, we’re proud to be a local leader in furnace services in Dallas, including offering repairs and installations for both gas and electric-fueled furnace units. From simple fixes to total overhauls and replacements, we offer everything you need to combat the cold and reliably enjoy your home or business.

At Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric, our goal has always been to earn your trust. That means offering services that fix the issue you’re having, treat you properly, and earn your business for the future. We don’t just want to fix your problem and be done with it, but rather our Dallas furnace repair technicians want to start and build a relationship that keeps you coming back for all of your needs in the future. That’s one of the reasons we are always so proud when one of our customers recommends us to a friend or family member—it means we have given them service they’re proud to vouch for with those around them. That philosophy is what has kept us going for nearly six decades, and continues to push us to be at our best today.


When your furnace breaks, you need to have it fixed right away. Furnace problems never seem to happen at a good time, and the middle of winter during a cold spell is certainly not when you want to have something like this happen. At Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric, we offer fast response to calls and reliable repairs that fix your issues the right way. Our Dallas furnace repair team works with all makes and models of furnaces and uses genuine parts and materials to ensure all of our solutions will withstand the test of time.

Our Dallas furnace repair services include:

  • Broken blower fans
  • Faulty electrical connections
  • Damaged heating elements
  • Cracked heat exchangers
  • Weak airflow
  • Inconsistent temperatures
  • Faulty thermostats
  • Poor air quality


Has the time come to replace your furnace completely? Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric offers full replacements for both homes and businesses. Our Dallas furnace installation team work directly with some of the industry’s leading names in furnace equipment to choose the right model for your home, including working with your budget, offering you the features you want, and matching the size to what your home needs for comfort and efficiency.


You can always count on Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric to deliver premium products, quality installation, and total peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule HVAC services throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area!

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