Emergency Electrical Service in Dallas, TX

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Make sure your Emergency Electrical Service arrives quickly! Call Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric specialists at (214) 765-4818 and schedule an inspection right away.

When an electrical emergency strikes at your business, it’s important to have a team available that can respond quickly and with the right equipment to solve the problem. That’s exactly what you’ll get when calling Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric. We have been working with businesses in the Metroplex for decades and we’ve built a great reputation in that time. In the urgency of an electrical emergency, you might be tempted to simply call any commercial electrician you can find, but this is not the time to sacrifice on quality. Work with Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric, to get the quality you deserve while still receiving an immediate response. Call now for help. 

Countless Possibilities

There are plenty of ways in which an electrical problem can turn into an emergency situation. Of course, it needs to be said right from the start that if you are experiencing a fire on your property, call the fire department immediately for help. Only when any fire has been dealt with properly can you turn your attention to matters of repair. 

Some of the electrical emergency issues we can solve include the following –

  • Heating and cooling failure. During times of extreme weather, the loss of heating or cooling capability is a very serious – and even life-threatening – situation. If your power system is suddenly unable to run your HVAC equipment properly, contact Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric, right away for a solution. 
  • Heat or sparking. If electrical equipment is getting hot, or you have seen sparks coming from certain places, safely turn off the power to that location and call Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric, for help. It should go without saying that this could turn into a very dangerous event if power is allowed to continue to flow to those places. 
  • Medical equipment down. Losing power to medical devices that are needed to support life certainly qualifies as an emergency. Don’t hesitate to call us at any time if you need to restore power to medical equipment as soon as possible. 

Once the Dust Has Settled

Our first concern is to deal with whatever electrical emergency you are facing so your commercial property can get back up and running right away. Once that is sorted out, we welcome you to consider our many other services that may help your business run smoothly moving forward. In fact, by keeping up with various maintenance and repair tasks, you may be able to avoid future electrical emergencies, which would be great for both your peace of mind and the bottom line. Thank you for considering Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric!

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