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When everything is going as expected, the flow of electricity into your building – and then into your equipment – is predictable and well-controlled. When something unexpected happens, however, like a lightning strike, that flow can surge rapidly and threaten the health of your gear. By adding commercial surge protection to your property, you can put a layer of defense between the grid and your valuable equipment, making it far less likely that a flow of electricity spikes will damage your equipment. 

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Avoid an Unwanted Expense

It’s easy to forget how much expensive electronic equipment your business uses every day. Even if your business isn’t focused specifically on the tech sector, you almost certainly use a variety of computers, screens, servers, and other devices to serve your customers. A powerful surge of electricity could fry many of those pieces of equipment, leaving you with a huge expense if you aren’t insured for such an event. It’s important in business to plan for as many contingencies as possible and to avoid unexpected costs that can throw your budget into turmoil. By adding a surge protector, you can take a big step toward stopping damage to some of your most valuable components. 

Downtime is Expensive

What you stand to lose from a power surge in terms of equipment damage is important, but there is also the matter of downtime to consider. If a power surge destroys some of your key pieces of gear and you can’t serve customers for a period, that lost revenue might even be worse than what you spend to buy new equipment. Staying up and running is a key for any business to come out with a profit at the end of the year, and surge protection is one way to make sure your customers aren’t turned away. 

Commercial Surge Protection A Worthwhile Investment

Given the significant cost of replacing or repairing the electronics used in your business, adding a commercial surge protector is an easy choice and a justifiable expense. Contact Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric today to ask about pricing on this type of project, and to get answers to any other questions you may have. We appreciate your time and look forward to serving you.

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