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Modern electrical systems are far safer than those of past generations in large part thanks to AFCI and GFCI technology. These two types of devices help prevent the power of the electrical currents, flowing into a building, from becoming dangerous and doing serious damage. If you need AFCI or GFCI equipment installed in your building to meet code or simply to improve safety, contact Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric right away. Our team can help you understand these devices, figure out where they need to be installed, and more. 

Understanding AFCI/GFCI

While the terms might intimidate most, understanding what these two types of devices do for your electrical system is quite easy. Let’s look at the basics below –

  • AFCI. In the electrical world, AFCI stands for arc-fault circuit interrupter. The idea here is that this device will detect signs of electrical arcs, and it will shut down the circuit quickly when it spots those signs. Electrical fires are often the result of arcs, which can happen when connections get loose. Having AFCI protection in place to meet code requirements is a big part of avoiding electrical fires in your building. 
  • GFCI. In this case, GFCI stands for ground-fault circuit interrupter, and it plays a different role in safety than AFCI. Rather than aiming to prevent fires, this safety feature is designed to avoid harmful – and potentially deadly – shocks. A ground fault occurs when the electricity seeks to flow to the ground through a path other than the ground that is designed in the system. This often means flowing through a person who comes in contact with the system, such as at an outlet. With a GFCI outlet, the system will detect a shock quickly after it occurs, and the circuit will break. 

Both AFCIs and GFCIs play an important role in the safety of modern electrical systems. While new construction is going to come with these devices as standard, older buildings are not likely to have them unless they have gone through an update. 

Affordable Protection

Not only may you need to have some of these devices installed to meet code requirements for your building, but they can also give you nice peace of mind when living or working in a structure. And, given the relatively modest cost of these devices, this is an upgrade that you don’t need to put off any longer. Thank you for taking the time to consider Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric , and feel free to reach out today to get started.

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