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Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric always takes pride when our customers are completely satisfied. However, we know that reaching this goal isn’t always easy. We know you have high expectations, and we have always set up our service to exceed them in every way. Each of our Dallas AC repair team members treats your home or business with respect and care, as though we were working on our own. How do we know? Because each of them has been carefully selected for their skill, experience, and their certifications from the EPA and the TDLR. We show up on-time, we get the job done, and we’re always friendly and honest with you, ensuring you get what you need to fix your issue for good. Our goal is to start a relationship with our customers, and we do that by doing the job right each and every time.

Air conditioners are complex machines with a number of important parts, both moving and stationary. As with any complex machine, things can happen that prevent them from working at peak capacity. Aging takes its toll over time, parts can fail, and these issues can slowly or suddenly cause your air conditioner to fail and repairs to become necessary. Whether your problem is minor or serious, the Dallas air conditioning team at Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric can handle it. We have seen just about everything when it comes to air conditioner repairs, and we offer solutions for anything that has gone wrong. We always use premium components and materials to ensure a long-lasting fix, and we hold our service to high standards to earn your trust and your business again and again in the future.


Almost anyone can tell when something is wrong with their air conditioner, but very few people can identify what the problem is, much less know how to fix it. At Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric, our technicians are here to help you. We offer a full range of AC repairs in Dallas that solve all of your problems, both routine and complex alike. We approach every problem with creativity, ensuring that all of our solutions will solve your problem completely and effectively.

Our Dallas air conditioning repair team can handle any issue with your air conditioner, including:

  • Broken compressors
  • Damaged cooling coils
  • Blower fan problems
  • Inconsistent temperatures
  • Thermostat issues
  • Electrical problems
  • Air pressure problems

We also offer repairs and replacements for other equipment related to your air conditioner as well. If your thermostat isn’t working properly, we can replace it with a modern smart thermostat for better control. We also offer repairs and replacement for air ducts that help you keep your home more comfortable.


In Dallas, your AC is your lifeline when it comes to comfort. The last thing you want when the temperature rises is for the air conditioner to not work. Before you panic, there are certain things you can check for why this is happening.

Common Causes Why AC Won’t Turn On:

  • A tripped circuit breaker
  • Clogged air filters
  • A blown fuse
  • Dirty condenser lines
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Dirty evaporator coils
  • The motor stopped working
  • A broken thermostat

If you notice any of this happening, call our professional Dallas AC repair technicians. We provide fast, reliable repairs so that you can go back to enjoying your summer.


Sometimes a repair isn’t the most prudent option for your air conditioner. Sometimes, you’re simply better off investing the money you would have paid for a repair into the cost of a new air conditioner. Replacement will become necessary after a while, and our Dallas air conditioning team can help you make this determination for yourself. If you need a new air conditioner, Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric can help you with your replacement service as well.


You can always count on Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric to deliver premium products, quality installation, and total peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule HVAC services throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area!

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