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If you have ever had to live through summer without cooling, you know how deeply unpleasant that can be here in North Texas. We are well known for a few things when it comes to weather: intense heat, sweltering humidity, and wild weather fluctuations that can confuse even the most seasoned meteorologist. When summer is so renowned for intense heat, the last thing you want is for your system to quit on you when you need it the most, so naturally, you’ll likely want to do anything you can to keep your system running smoothly.

Believe it or not, the secret to a reliable air conditioner is as simple as calling Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric for an AC tune-up in Dallas! Study after study has shown that a professional maintenance service improves air conditioner reliability, increases performance and energy efficiency, and reduces the chances of an unwanted breakdown over the course of a cooling season. Walker Air • Plumbing • Electric offers high-quality air conditioning maintenance designed to improve the performance and reliability of any aSaveir conditioning system, including new and older systems alike. And we always treat every customer with the same respect, caution, and care that has earned us the trust and respect of our community over the past nearly six decades.


Maintenance for your air conditioner is sort of like maintenance for your car. You wouldn’t continue driving for tens or even hundreds of thousands of miles on a car that hasn’t received proper maintenance, would you? Absolutely not—a poorly-maintained car is unreliable, dangerous, and will probably die far sooner than a car that is taken care of. Much the same way, maintenance for your air conditioner ensures your cooling system is ready for the long hours of heavy use operation that lie ahead of it.

Here are a few great benefits of maintaining your air conditioner:

Better Reliability

A well-maintained air conditioner is far less likely to break down during normal operation, meaning you can breathe easier knowing your air conditioner will be there for you.

Better Longevity

In addition to better short-term reliability, you’ll enjoy your air conditioner far longer as well. With regular maintenance, your air conditioner can see several extra years of life.

Improved Performance

Wouldn’t you love to cool your home faster? Maintained coolers produce more cold air over less time, meaning a more comfortable Dallas home far faster.

Improved Efficiency

A well maintained air conditioner is one that uses less energy. Plain and simple.

Improved Savings

Don’t dread opening your energy bill at the end of the month—with a maintained system, you’ll save on operating costs!

In addition to several small maintenance services, such as checking electrical connections and ensuring moving parts are properly lubricated, maintenance also includes a comprehensive inspection of your cooling equipment, helping spot any potential problems before they become a major hazard that threatens the health of your air conditioner at some point when you least want it to.


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